About Axe Lake

The vision for the Axe Lake Eco Community is a departure from the typical lake-oriented development. The lake, the wetlands and the wildlife are central in this vision where the intent is to provide a serene and natural experience for our residents. These natural features are the very reason you would choose to spend time here. Cottages will be situated on very large lots set back from the lake to maintain the riparian (interface of land and water) features and processes that have shaped this environment over thousands of years. We hope you too will also be drawn to the natural beauty of our forward-thinking community.

Axe Lake Eco Community is not only situated in a beautiful natural setting, but the heritage value of the lake and its associated wetlands and flora are of provincial significance. The Axe Lake Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI) covers over 800ha of the lake and surrounding wetlands that are unique as a result of the underlying organic and sandy deposits and remnant Atlantic Coastal Plain (ACP) flora. These relict plant communities from the sandy shores of postglacial Lake Algonquin have found a foothold here. The Axe Lake Conservation Reserve includes just under 800ha and includes the lake and associated wetlands at the southern end of the lake.

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Axe Lake Eco Community
Axe Lake Eco Community
Axe Lake Eco Community

Axe Lake Eco Community promotes and respects the provincially
significant flora, fauna and wetlands found at Axe Lake.

Lot Map

The lots at Axe Lake are very large and private. The lake lots range in size from one hectare (2.5 acres) to 6.6 hectares, and residents are encouraged to maintain the natural forest when constructing their cottage. There is a buffer between the lots and the lake that contains a continuous path that can be accessed from each individual lot. The continuous path bridges across three inland wetlands and leads to seven lookout points, allowing all cottage owners to experience Axe Lake from a variety of vantage points.

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Planning and consideration for the environment
was a keystone for the development of Axe Lake Eco Community.


Axe Lake is a Provincially Significant Wetland that has one of the two best examples of Atlantic Coastal Plain flora in Ontario. Over 368 tree and plant species have been identified at Axe Lake, which is situated within the Georgian Bay Section of the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence Forest Region, and contains a rich mixture of hardwood and conifer tree species, including an element typical of the boreal forest region that lies to the north. Fifteen different vegetation communities have been identified at Axe Lake, ranging from interconnected upland woodland stands, to old field meadows, to low-lying ravines. These diverse communities provide a variety of natural habitats.

The fauna of Axe Lake has a similar richness, and identifications to date include 53 species of birds, nine mammals, six amphibians, three reptiles, and a variety of fish. Amphibians include the northern spring peeper, American toad, wood frog, northern leopard frog, green frog and gray treefrog, while the reptiles include the midland painted turtle, Blanding’s turtle, and the five-lined skink.

The Ministry of Natural Resources has classified Axe Lake as a Type 1 fish habitat. There is an abundance of common species such as largemouth and smallmouth bass, white sucker, brown bullheads, pumpkinseed, Iowa darter, lake cisco, and black shiner.

Axe Lake Eco Community
Axe Lake Eco Community


Axe Lake Eco Community


Axe Lake Eco Community

Plant Life

Axe Lake Eco Community


Axe Lake Eco Community


Axe Lake Eco Community


Axe Lake Eco Community

A number of species, both aquatic and terrestrial,
make up the Atlantic Coastal Plains plant communities at Axe Lake.

Eco Preservation

The owners of any Unit shall observe the following rules and regulations and the term “owner” shall include the owner of any Unit or any other person(s) occupying such unit with the owner’s approval:

1. The vision for this community is to create and maintain a peaceful and quiet environment, and to protect the provincially significant flora and fauna that are found at Axe Lake.

2. All unit owners shall keep their buildings and property in good order and repair. The façade of any structure shall be in earth tone colours in order to blend with the natural surroundings. This requirement shall include roofing materials, decking and landscape features such as fences.

3. The use of eco-friendly power, such as solar panels, is encouraged. Any power generators to be selected with a maximum sound level of 75 decibels at a distance of one metre, so as not to disturb any neighbours.

4. In order to maintain the natural environment in pristine condition, owners shall not place, leave or permit to be placed upon the common elements any debris, refuse or garbage. No garbage or other household refuse shall be burned out of doors, and all outdoor campfires must be supervised.

5. No structure of temporary character, such as a trailer, house-trailer, mobile home, or shack, shall be constructed, installed, erected or used upon any unit at any time either temporarily or permanently, with the exception of the customary general contractor’s office or trailer during the course of construction of a dwelling.

6. A unit or parts of a unit shall not be used as a means of public access to Axe Lake. However, the residents of a unit or their invited guests may use one pathway as approved by the Board (Board of Directors) to access the common pathway and the seven common viewpoints distributed along the lakeshore.

7. Owners, their families, guests, and visitors are encouraged to listen to the nature around them. The creation of or continuation of any noise or nuisance, which, in the opinion of the Board, may or does disturb the comfort or the quiet enjoyment of the property by other owners, their families, and guests, is not allowed.

8. Vegetation communities are to be left in their natural condition, and no owner shall cut or remove any trees or other plants in the common elements. Hazardous trees may be removed with the prior written approval of the Board. The use of lawnmowers, chainsaws or heavy equipment is discouraged.

9. The tank portion of every septic system shall be pumped out at the unit owner’s expense at least once every five years for permanent use property and at least once every ten years for seasonal use properties.

10. Hunting is not allowed on the property. The discharge of firearms on the property is strictly prohibited.

11. Residents of Axe Lake Eco Community will not use combustion motors. Canoeing and kayaking are encouraged. Electric motors must have propeller guards to preserve the submergent, floating and emergent vegetation communities.

12. Motor Vehicles shall not be parked during the day or overnight on the common roadways. The roadways will be left unobstructed and shall be used only for ingress and egress to and from the units or to the common boat launch or parking area.

The Axe Lake Eco Community is intended for people like you who
have a deep respect and appreciation for the natural environment.


If you are interested in becoming a part of this unique, ecologically friendly community, then please email us your contact information to: info@axelake.ca Axe Lake Eco Community